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All About DAT Promotional Marketing

Your company isn't just any company, it's your company. The old way of marketing where you spend too much just to blend in won't cut it. That is why DAT was born; to help brands put their best foot forward in the ever-evolving, digitally-reliant business environment. Our unique expertise is creating promotional marketing solutions for employees and customers that create a combined sense of harmony for every brand we serve. With the extensive number of manufacturers we work with, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination! DAT Promotional Marketing is a full-service advertising firm that specializes in a wide range of custom/specialty merchandise to promote your company.

Sam Stoess and Danielle Belvoix created DAT Promotional Marketing in March of 2021 to incorporate the elements of unique designs, arts, and technologies (DAT) in the products we create and services we offer. By doing this, we provide cutting-edge and modern solutions to all promotional, marketing, and advertising problems. Our passion for the industry, access to cost-effective solutions, and the talents of our team set us apart from our competitors.

You know your company is special, now it's time to step away from the crowd and stand out with DAT Promotional Marketing.
Our Mission

Our mission is to help promote small local businesses and grow their communities through unique marketing solutions. 
Meet Our Team​​​​​​​
Sam Stoess- Chief Executive Officer, Founder
Sam Stoess is one of the founders and CEO of DAT Promotional Marketing. He oversees the companies day to day operations, leads the development of the organization's long and short-term strategies, and manages the company's ongoing expansion into emerging markets. He also manages the sales and vendor relations sides of the company. Sam has received a bachelor's degree from Bellarmine University.
The idea of DAT Promotional Marketing came to Sam after hearing stories of his mom’s promotional marketing business from the early 2000s. This inspired his passion for the promotional and marketing industries, as he strives to make DAT better every day.
One fun fact about Sam is that before starting DAT Promotional Marketing, he ran and managed several small businesses in the United States.
Danielle Belvoix, MSDM- Chief Operations Officer, Head of Design, Founder
Danielle develops and implements business strategies, procedures and plans to enhance company growth, and cultivates and provides opportunities for rising talent within the organization. She also provides creative vision for the design team, establishes processes and practices for realizing that vision, contributes to the development of brand definition and experience principles, and designs various materials for DAT and for clients as the current solo graphic designer. 
Danielle was born and raised in Louisville, KY, and received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Design Art & Technology, and a Master of Science in Digital Media, both from Bellarmine University. 
One fun fact about Danielle is that she is an award winning fine artist. She loves to paint in her free time, and her favorite medium is oil paints. 
Erica Bruce- Sales/ Account Manager
Erica is responsible for the management of sales and relationships with a majority of our healthcare industry customers. She maintains the company's existing relationships with clients, and serves as the interface between the customer service and the sales teams in our company.
One fun fact about Erica is that she has a phlebotomy degree and her cosmetology license, but uses neither due to her passion for promotional products and marketing. 
Lilly Pinhas- Sales/ Account Manager
Lilly is responsible for the management of sales and relationships with customers. She maintains the company's existing relationships with clients, and serves as the interface between the customer service and the sales teams in our company.
Lilly received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Communications from Bellarmine University. 
One fun fact about Lilly is that she loves to travel. She has a goal to visit every state and national park in her lifetime.
Sophie Belvoix
Sophie Belvoix
Sophie Belvoix- Office Greeter/ Mascot
Sophie arguably holds one of the most important roles at DAT Promotional Marketing. Our office corgi has been around since the start of the company and has kept the founders and employees in high spirits. Because of Sophie's efforts, she has and continues to significantly impact morale and marketing for the company. She greets each person with a smile, and makes daily rounds for ear scratches, belly rubs, and treats from all of our teams.
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