Digital Materials/ Ads

How can DAT help my business with digital materials?

The world-wide web has a far more extensive reach than any other form of advertising and communication in today's society. By living in an increasingly digital world, it is vital to have digital assets and materials for any business marketing endeavors. According to a study performed by the Journal of Business Administration Research, evidence shows that businesses have increasingly switched their advertising focus from traditional to digital media (Fuxman, 2014). This is because 92% of online users will find businesses through search engines, and 35% of those searches are for products and services. (Sherman, 2020). Having digital marketing materials and advertisements will help make your business stand out in that 35% of searches in addition to any print materials or ads you may have.

The synergy between generations and their reliance on information also makes for an interesting study. We’re learning that people aren’t just moving from one channel to another to replace it, they instead are migrating and integrating lots of different channels to seek media. It is important to consider materials are created to be easily convertible and formattable to the medium they are presented. A study in OR Insightreveals that synergy and flexibility between print and digital assets and materials is complementary, and positively impacts rate of promotional exposure (Freeman & Graham, 2012). 

DAT Promotional Marketing has a wonderful team of graphic designers that are equipped to create stunning digital materials that your prospective clients will never forget. Their extensive backgrounds and training can benefit your business by allowing a wide variety of promotional materials to be created; if you can dream it, we can probably make it!
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